6 Red Wine Drinking Tips to Enhance the Taste

Drinking red wine is one of the simple pleasures that many people feel make life worth living. The complex flavours, aromas, and sensations that can all be found in a well-made bottle of red wine are, indeed, a hard combination to beat.

To truly enjoy what red wine has to offer, without being tempted to overconsume, it is important to adhere to certain guidelines that can enhance your drinking experience and ensure that the wine arrive at your lips in the condition intended by those who took care to produce it.

Here are six red wine drinking tips to enhance the taste and flavour:

1. Store your wine properly.

After you’ve gone through all the trouble of picking out the perfect bottle, be sure to follow through with proper storage considerations once you’ve got it home. Of course, not everyone is going to be able to have a wine cellar in their home, or even a specific wine fridge, you can still take care to make sure your wine is stored well. First things first, it is important to keep the wine cool.

Ideally, red wine will remain at a temperature of around 55 degrees, usually meaning that a dark cellar will do the trick. If you’re going to be storing the wine for a long period of time, it is also advisable to keep the bottles laying down and to make sure they are in an environment where the temperature is stable and won’t be subject to frequent fluctuation.

2. Take care when opening a bottle of wine.

Of course, we appreciate the eagerness that comes with having decided to finally open that special bottle but taking care to open it properly can go a long way to enhancing the final drinking experience. First of all, make sure you have a wine opener you feel comfortable using.

There are fancy models out there, but if a basic rabbit style opener is what works best for you, stick with that. Something that is easy for you to maneuver and feels good in your hand will allow you to avoid pushing in a cork, breaking the cork or bottle, or generally just feel clumsy while opening the wine for yourself of guests.

3. Give your wine some air

Now comes, arguably, the harder part. Aerating wine is an important step in the drinking process and is especially vital when it comes to appreciating the truly complex flavours of good red wines. This exposure to air allows the wine to oxidize just enough to fully develop the aromas and flavours.

The benefits including opening up the bouquet of aromas contained in the wine, allowing any existing gasses to blow off and bringing the wine to the right drinking temperature.

4. Wait until you drink your wine.

If you don’t mind waiting somewhere between 30 mins to a few hours before drinking the wine, you can facilitate the aerating process by pouring it into a decanter. If you’re pressed for time though, a special aerating pourer can have your wine ready to drink in a matter of seconds.

5. Get the temperature right

Speaking of the benefits of aerating and its ability to bring wine to the right temperature, we have to ask—what exactly is that temperature? Most people have been told since they were young that white wine should be served chilled and red at room temperature.  Now we understand that a mild chill can actually do the wine some good.

The standard room temperature of most households and dining spaces is actually a little too warm for serving reds. Depending on how you’re storing your wine it is a good idea to either chill it or let it warm a bit to bring it to just below an average room temperature before drinking.

6. Don’t overdo it

Not to take any of the fun out of the experience, but it is always worth keeping in mind that wine, as any alcoholic beverage, is best enjoyed in moderation. When consumed responsibly, red wine is a simple pleasure that you can indulge in every day without any negative consequences.

The more conscientious you are about how you drink, the more likely you are to fully enjoy each glass and therefore crave less overall.