6 Super Fun Camping Ideas for Families

So you’ve decided to get away from it all and go camping in some gorgeous locale for a few days (or weeks)? That’s awesome! Congratulations on taking a step back from the helter-skelter quality of everyday life and setting aside some time to unwind and refresh yourself.

However, camping can become a bit boring if you don’t have enough activities planned for each day (unless your plan is to sleep the whole time – which is totally okay). That’s where this blog post comes in. We’ll unpack six super fun camping ideas for your family, which are guaranteed fun for you and anyone you bring along!

1. Allow yourself time in the great outdoors

 You’re going camping so of course you’ll be spending time outdoors – right? Technically, yes. But if you’re caught up with making sure the tent doesn’t leak, fixing food for yourself (and any others on the camping trip), and reading those books you’ve been meaning to dive into for forever, you might not actually spend much time appreciating the beauty of nature.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with reading, cooking, etc. but you’d be surprised how fun a simple walk through the forest can be if you keep your eyes and ears alert for all the sounds and sights that you wouldn’t ordinarily enjoy. As part of your fun camping ideas, bring along some binoculars and a camera and prepare to bask in nature’s amazingness.

2. Take advantage of the fire pit

 When the day comes to a close, you’ll naturally gravitate toward the fire pit as you start a fire, roast some marshmallows, and allow yourself to relax from whatever activities the day brought. A crackling campfire is often the first thing that comes to people’s minds when you mention camping – and for good reason.

The warmth and comfort of a friendly fire cannot be underestimated. If there are others with you on the camping trip, you can scare each other with creepy ghost stories or sing familiar songs around the fire. And you can truly make it an evening to remember with some delicious s’mores.

3. Check out any bodies of water nearby

 If you love spending time in the water, some of the most fun camping ideas will involve aquatic activities. So, yes, there may not always be a beautiful lake, a clear river, or a tranquil pond for you and/or your family to relax and play in during your camping excursion. But many campgrounds are built near some kind of water and it’s almost sure to become a favourite destination for you and anyone with you.

Pools are great but there’s nothing like freshwater lakes, rivers, and even waterfalls. Just make sure you follow water safety regulations and try not to ingest any of the water if you can help it – unlike pool water, it won’t have been treated for bacteria.

4. Meet and socialize with other campers

 If you’re staying at a campground (recommended, as they usually have some amenities and cell service if there’s an emergency) take a look around to see if there are any other campers in the area. And if there are, why not introduce yourself? Even if you’re naturally introverted, it’s always a good idea to make friends.

You never know if a lifelong relationship will flourish as a result of saying ‘hi’ to someone new. Certain activities are more fun with a bunch of people and if you’re new to the area, more seasoned campers can give you helpful tips about the campground. You’ll have fun, they’ll have fun, and you’ll make even more amazing memories.

5. Stock up on fun for rainy days

 A rainy day or two will almost inevitably arrive during your camping trip so it’s best to be prepared. If you’re on your own (or just have one adult companion along for the trip), rainy day activities don’t need to be anything more than a nap and a good book – or a movie if you brought the necessary camping supplies along (like a portable DVD player or downloaded movies on your phone).

But if there are children along, things suddenly get a little more dire…but don’t worry! Kids are a lot of fun. However, in the event of rainy days, you need to make sure that you have fun for them. Simple card games like UNO or Go Fish are a great start and you can also provide coloring and sticker books.

6. Don’t forget exciting, outdoor games

 This tip is obviously the most appropriate for campers with children or teens, but even if you’re going solo you can still get in on the fun by befriending fellow campers. There are so many games that can be played outside – like Tag.

The variations of Tag are almost endless – so much so that you could play one iteration each day for the entirety of your trip and you wouldn’t run out of options. A fun, campground-friendly option is night tag (played using flashlights). Just make sure that everyone has a compass and that no extremely young children play. Nighttime hide and seek is also a great idea!