6 Things To Look For When Choosing a Physiotherapist

As a patient seeking physiotherapy Newmarket  services, it’s essential to carry out a little research before settling for one. Physiotherapists charge by the hour, and you want one who gives you the right treatment at the right price. Consider the following when choosing a physiotherapist.

  1. Qualifications and Licenses

Ensure the physiotherapist you choose to provide you with Physiotherapy Newmarket services has the right qualifications . They should have studied for a minimum of three years at university level. They should also have had a clinical attachment as required, and covered the time required by the regulating body. Check to ensure that the specialists in specific areas have relevant experience. Physiotherapist must also possess up to date licenses and be registered with appropriate councils. Membership to professional bodies though not a must is desirable. Make sure that the physiotherapist complies with the boards’ code of conduct. Quacks are a waste of money and can cause more damage.


  1. Specialization

Depending on the nature of your injury select a physiotherapist with training and experience in the desired area. Do you have spinal, sports or head injuries? Depending on the severity of the injury, a specialist may be required for treatment. Clinics are also specializing with some dedicated to handling say sports injuries. A specialist clinic may be expensive, but they have the right pool of talent to address your ailments. Majority of physiotherapists, however, are general practitioners and will treat a variety of injuries.


  1. Clinic

Before starting physiotherapy Newmarket treatment, take a look at the facility. Are you comfortable with its ambiance? Is it an open concept plan or they have private suites. Physiotherapy is intrusive and can involve having to take off some of your clothes. Do you feel safe and at ease in the clinic’s environment? Does it look well maintained? Dated buildings and equipment is a pointer to probably low-quality services. Interact with staff and gauge their level of professionalism and friendliness.


  1. Treatment techniques

There are various methods used in the field of physiotherapy to restore and maintain healthy body functioning.  They include exercise, massage, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, and electrotherapy. When choosing a physiotherapist inquire about the treatment methods they use. Are you comfortable with their techniques? Do you have any aversion to the suggested options? They should explain to you why they think the treatment method is ideal for you.


  1. Patient Ratio

The best case scenario for Physiotherapy Newmarket is a one on one session with a qualified physiotherapist. Find out how long each therapy session will last and how much they charge per session or hour. Inquire whether if you are booked for an hour, you will be treated exclusively or together with other patients . Some physiotherapists will bundle patients together and work with assistants who may not be as qualified.  Ensure the physiotherapist is the one treating you for the entire session.  If you are okay with an assistant, then make sure your bill is commensurate.


  1. Location

Select a clinic that is near your home, especially if you have to go for many sessions  .  Long journeys to and from the therapist are not ideal for a patient with serious injuries. Do not compromise on quality; it is better to drive longer to see a qualified physiotherapist than relying on a next door quack.