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7 Positive Effects of Television on Childhood Development

Television has the potential to build character and personality. It can also change a person’s attitude and perspective on life. For kids, one has to take extra care to ensure they enjoy TV shows without exposing them to the side effects that come with watching too much TV.

Watching TV among children has been a popular discourse over the past few years. People have a lot to say about whether kids should be allowed to watch TV or not. There are both positive and negative effects of watching television among kids, but the pros often outweigh the cons.

Below are seven positive effects of television on childhood development:

1. Children learn new things from television

Leaning new things is one of the most obvious positive effects of television on childhood development. Educational content is one of the undisputed positives about kids watching TV. From learning about their environment to getting to know how the animal kingdom functions, and learning languages, there is a wide variety of educational content for kids.

Parents should make sure the programs their kids watch on TV are children-specific. There should be a way to control what the kids watch on TV. The good thing is that today’s TV programs provide disclaimers or advisories to help viewers figure out the type of content to be aired on TV next.

Programs such as Peppa Pig, Dora the Explorer, Sesame Street and Arthur are good examples of educational shows that parents should allow their children to watch. Some television channels broadcast scientific and educational movies for kids.

2. Children learn about sports from television

Pediatricians strongly advise parents to encourage their children to participate in sports. Whether it is baseball, soccer, basketball, football, or any other sport, getting them physically involved in their early stages of development is essential. Sports are an excellent way of encouraging children to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Besides, professional athletes also have lucrative career options, and television may encourage kids to follow their path.

Watching sports on TV is a great way to get your kids to develop an interest in sports. If you have digital TV, you probably have access to hundreds of sports channels. They offer a wide variety of options to choose from, and your kids can choose the sport they like most.

The result is a favourable environment to develop an interest in the sport and an eagerness to engage in physical activity for fitness, health, and fun. Do not underestimate how beneficial letting your kids watch the Sunday game on TV is for their development.

3. Television is a great source of entertainment

Watching TV is possibly the easiest way to keep children occupied and entertained while you work or as you do your chores around the home. Tune in to their favourite show and make sure they are comfortable. You may want to position the television as part of your media units to maximize comfort when watching TV.  An hour or so later, you will be surprised to find them where you left them. Most kids’ shows are designed for both educational and entertainment purposes.

By allowing them to watch these shows, they benefit twice. Kids are generally inquisitive. Those who design TV shows understand what they want and need. They know that learning is critical for kids, but it is more effective when bundled with entertaining programming.

4. Watching television inspires kids

Kid shows are not just for educational and entertainment purposes. They also inspire them to develop an affinity for certain activities. Television shows for children also encourage them to try new things and tap into their potential by showing them that creativity can be fun.

TVshows focus on a different topic in every episode. One can never know what will come next. This can potentially inspire children and whet their appetite for potentially lucrative and exciting activities, like crafts, the alphabet, or math.

5. Children get to interact with new cultures

Watching TV is one of the best ways of familiarizing your kids with new cultures, traditions and people. We’re living in the age of globalization, which means you can access information about any place in the world from the comfort of your home with a few easy steps. By watching programs and shows from different countries, kids can learn about different people and their cultures.

This is an exciting experience for children in the early stages of their development. It has never been easier to learn about other cultures. Such knowledge has a positive impact on kids in terms of how they interact with people from different parts of the world.

6. Television improves academic performance

When the television is used responsibly, mental and emotional well-being follow. This trend is linked to a significant improvement in academic performance. According to researchers, kids who watch educational and informative TV shows outperform their peers on standardized tests. They also perform at peak levels in middle and high school.

7. Television is healthy stress relief

Kids’ TV shows provide healthy stress relief, especially after a difficult day outdoors or in school. A controlled dose of television is good for a child’s emotional development and general mood. Emotional stress can negatively affect a child.

With so many TV shows, cartoons and movies for children, kids can learn a lot by watching television. However, limiting screen time and screening the shows for relevance is critical.