8 Signs Your Spouse is Hiding Something From You

Many of us waste a lot of time worrying about things that don’t matter and fearing situations that will never come true. But just because we can be anxious without a good reason doesn’t mean we should never trust our gut.

For example, if you feel like your spouse has changed, is doing things behind your back, and is now keeping many secrets from you, you are probably right in thinking that something is wrong.

Before you panic or make any rash decision, look out for eight signs your spouse is hiding something from you.

Sign #1: Your intuition keeps telling you something is wrong

If your intuition keeps telling you that something is wrong with your spouse, you should pay attention. Don’t try to ignore your instinct.

Perhaps your spouse is having an affair. But they could also be struggling with addiction problems, lying about their finances, involved in legal troubles, or trying to hide a severe illness from you because they don’t want to worry you.

Before you accuse them of anything, try to find proof that will help you validate your gut feelings. Doing this often involves the help of private investigator service to look into marital indiscretions.

Sign #2: Your spouse can’t look you in the eyes

If your spouse is hiding something from you, whatever it is, they might feel guilty about it. And if they feel guilty, they probably find it difficult, if not impossible, to simply look you in the eyes.

After all, the eyes are a window to the soul, and since you know your spouse very well, they might be afraid of what you will find out if you get a chance to make eye contact with them.

Body language could also signal that your partner is uneasy around you because they are hiding a terrible secret.

Sign #3: Your spouse’s schedule has changed drastically

Important changes in your spouse’s schedule and daily habits could signify that they are hiding something from you.

Do they seem to be avoiding you or making plans without you? Are they often working late when they used to enjoy coming home early? Are they frequently away on long business trips you never learn anything about? Or perhaps their hobbies or interests have suddenly changed.

Any drastic change could signal that something is wrong.

Sign #4: Your spouse is now difficult to reach

If your spouse has always been difficult to reach, this is probably not something you should worry about. But if they used to answer their phone immediately anytime you called them, but now they ignore your calls and will not even return your text messages, you should be concerned.

Of course, if this only happened once, your spouse surely has a good excuse why they could not take your call immediately. But if it now happens day after day, it could be a sign that they have a secret they don’t want you to learn about.

Sign #5: Your spouse is emotionally distant

Emotional intimacy is primordial in a relationship. This special bond is built through communication, trust, closeness, and shared experiences and vulnerability.

If your spouse is emotionally distant, it could be because they are overwhelmed by their work or preoccupied with something. But if the emotional connection between the two of you seems damaged, it could be a sign they are having an affair or hiding another shameful secret from you.

Sign #6: Your relationship now lacks sexual intimacy

Sexual intimacy matters as well. If your spouse seems to have no interest in having sex with you, it could signify that they have started a sexual relationship with someone else.

Changes in your sex life could also indicate that something is wrong. It’s normal to want to try different positions once in a while. Still, if your spouse’s experimentations seem excessive, it could be because they learned something new from someone else and now think your sexual intimacy is not as interesting in comparison.

Sign #7: Your spouse seems paranoid about you looking at their phone

It’s not normal for your spouse to get paranoid or angry if you get too close to their phone. If they can’t leave the room without their phone or feel the need to get away from you whenever they get a call or a text message, you should be concerned.

And if their phone is now protected by a password, while this wasn’t the case before, you are right to think that there is something they don’t want you to see.

Sign #8: You keep hearing rumors that seem credible to you

Finally, even though you generally should not be paying attention to rumours, some of them could confirm things you are already suspecting.

If you suspect your spouse is having an affair or being involved in something illegal, hearing rumours that match the proof you have already found could help you connect the dots and get closer to the truth.