9 Best Types of Bikes for Old People

Getting and staying active can become a bit more difficult as you start to age, but that doesn’t mean you have to totally give it up. If you have always loved biking, or if you are thinking that now is as good a time as any, there are a lot of bike options available that can make it easier to do so as you get older.

While people of any age can often use any kind of bicycle they want, there are bikes tailored to those with a decreased level of mobility. Here is a list of the best bikes for old people:

1. Step-through bikes

Bikes that have a step-through frame do not have the high metal bar that is found on many models of bicycle. These were traditionally known as women’s bikes because they were easier to ride in skirts and dresses. These are the best bikes for old people who may have a harder time mounting a bicycle with a high bar.

2. Electric bikes

These bikes have a motor as well as pedals, which means the user is able to pedal, but also use the engine to assist in propulsion. As they are electric, they are fuelled by rechargeable batteries. Also known as e-bikes, the electric bikes come in a variety of strengths, and some fall towards a category of more bike, less motor, while others are practically mopeds with pedals.

Either way, they require at least a bit less manpower, making them a great choice for individuals who may not be able to fully power a bicycle themselves for any extended period of time.

3. Recumbent bikes

As opposed to traditional bicycles which have riders leaning forward or upright, recumbent bikes have riders doing quite the opposite. In a recumbent bike, the rider is reclined, making it the best bikes for old people who require additional support on their backs and buttocks. The seat generally is large in size and the pedals are set up by the front of the front wheel, unlike the pedal positioning of a traditional bike.

4. Tandem bikes

Teamwork makes everything easier. Having two people pedal a bike is not only a social activity for older individuals, but also helps make a leisurely ride a little lighter. They are also an ideal option for people who want to do an activity together, but where one person is less mobile.

Although it is a bit more difficult for one person to pedal a tandem bike, the second person only adds pedal power, but is not technically required to do any bulk amount of work. That being said, tandem bikes still require a bit of coordination on the part of both parties.

5. Recumbent tandem tricycles

An even easier version of the tandem bike is a recumbent tandem bicycle. These have the recumbent design that allows riders to sit in a reclined position while riding. Unlike the traditional tandem bike, recumbent tandem tricycles place the riders side by side while they pedal.

These are the best bikes for old people who want to get active as a pair and are even better for those who have differing activity levels and fitness abilities, as the bike does not necessarily require the full pedaling power of both parties.

6. Easy boarding bikes

These bikes take the step-through bike and enhance their boarding-friendly feature. The only bar the rider has to step over to mount is extremely low to the ground, making it even more accessible. These bikes were specifically designed for senior riders with their safety in mind.

In addition, any men who may have had qualms about riding a “ladies’ bike” need not worry because this frame does not come with that connotation, as the step-through bikes tend to. In addition, the pedal placement has been designed for maximum comfort and functionality.

7. Day 6 bikes

These bikes are another bike designed for comfort, and proper posture, and are a great option for those who have a hard time managing the tiny traditional bike seats, those who have back and posture problems, and bigger people who may require the additional support. The Day 6 bike can handle a capacity of 400 pounds and comes equipped with a contoured Ergo S’port backrest and a 16-inch seat. In addition, it is an electric bike, which adds functionality for its users.

8. Adult tricycles

For those who struggle with the balance of a regular bicycle, adult tricycles are available, which add the third wheel onto the back, making the bike a little easier to manage. These bikes typically have a more traditional bicycle seat and a step-through frame design.

9. Cruiser bikes

Cruiser bikes often have a step-through style frame as well, making then easy for mounting. They are often single geared, so they are easier for individuals who don’t want to deal with multiple features and gears. They are an easy-riding bike for older individuals but are not ideal for hilly areas.