9 Essential Camping Supplies for Kids

Heading up north for the weekend with the kids? Well, there is nothing quite like going camping with your city slicker children who have been surrounded by concrete and loud noises for much of their lives. It is remarkable to see their expression when they see the stars at night or come face to face with nature. You might never see this ever again, so be sure to capture the moment.

Before you grab the kids, hop into the car, and drive to the woods, be sure you have the necessary camping supplies to ensure everyone has a good time. Here are nine must-have camping supplies for kids:

1. Baby Wipes & Anti-Bacterial Wipes

Yes, it is important to get dirty when you’re camping in the woods. There is no other experience than to become one with nature. You do want to keep clean and sanitary, but there is no harm in getting some dirt in the fingernails and getting a little bit wet.

That said, whether it is before mealtime or before bed, it would be a good idea to wipe down your kids’ hands and face with anti-bacterial wipes. Or, if you have a baby, then you will need a lifetime supply of baby wipes for a weekend camping trip.

2. Entertainment

In theory, you and the family are fleeing the asphalt jungle to enjoy nature. This also means that you are disconnecting and shutting down for a few days. Remember, this is in theory. When you have kids, reality sinks in and this reality will consist of entertainment.

Sure, it would be nice not having to look at a screen for the next couple of days, but that’s not possible. So, when you’re not building fires or hiking through the woods, you will need a laptop, tablet, or portable DVD player to play some cartoons.

Depending on your children’s interests, you could also try other forms of entertainment, such as playing cards, board games, and anything that is not related to a screen. The more camping supplies for kids that you have, the more options you will have on your trip.

3. Hanging Clothes Organizer

Don’t want to rummage through luggage or bags to find your son or daughter’s clothes? Here is a simple item that will prove to be quite useful: a hanging clothes organizer. These camping supplies for kids are great for two reasons:

  • It will make your clothes easily accessible.
  • If you need to do a quick wash, then you can air dray with this organizer.

Who wants to think about laundry when camping? Unfortunately, that’s what life is all about.

4. Pack Foods Kids Like

One of the biggest hurdles to campaign with the kiddies is that you don’t have your kitchen at your disposal, which can be incredibly difficult when you already have picky eaters. Therefore, it would be wise to skip experiments and pack foods you know that little Jimmy and little Susie like to imbibe.

5. A Favourite Toy

It is only natural to feel homesick, even if it is for a long weekend up north. But to sooth your child it would be a great idea to bring their favourite toy on this journey, whether it is a stuffed toy or a doll. You just need to ensure that you won’t lose it.

6. Comfortable Basics

Many children love to go camping, but they also love to stay comfortable. Let’s be honest: It can be hard to adjust to the woods. But you can turn your campsite into a comfortable abode that can make it feel like you’re still sleeping in your bed. How?

Well, you need to bring these five basics that will guarantee your comfort besides just a tent:

  • Ground cover
  • Sleeping bags
  • Pads or air mattresses
  • Portable crib
  • Kids’ favourite bedtime item

Nobody is going to get upset now about how uncomfortable they are!

7. First Aid Kit

Accidents happen, so it only makes sense to pack a first aid kit. You are not planning for an accident to happen, but if you’re in the woods without too many things around, a first aid kit will quickly become one of the most important items you brought.

What should your first aid kit consist of?

  • Bandaids
  • Gauze pads
  • Scissors and tweezers
  • Adhesive tape
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Instant ice packs
  • Distilled water

If you have these camping supplies for kids, then you and your family will survive anything.

8. Journal and a Pen

Do you want to create lasting memories? Bring a journal and a pen with you.

Even if your kids have not maintained a daily journal for all these years, it would be great to write down thoughts, feelings, and what happened on this camping trip. So, years later, you can look back on this tremendous memory and read what was going through your mind during this time.

9. Lullaby or Nightlight – or Both

Does your kid need a lullaby to go to sleep? Or, does he or she rely on a nightlight? Whatever the case, be sure to bring the bedtime item with you to ensure they can go to sleep as easily as possible.

Camping with the kids is a lot of fun, but it is also quite chaotic and difficult because it is already hard taking care of your kids at home, so now imagine it in the great outdoors. That said, if you properly prepare for all sorts of events, then you can make this trip not only one to memory, but also the easiest time you have had with your children.