Common Break-Ups: 6 Top Reasons For Divorces in a Marriage

A marriage is meant to last a lifetime, but sadly, not all of them make it. The number of divorces has been on the rise, with more than 40 percent of all first marriages breaking up. While there are a lot of different reasons for a marriage not lasting, we take a look at the top six reasons here.


Often the most pivotal reasons behind a divorce is one partner cheating on the other. Infidelity is more common than most people can imagine. It could be a response to anger and resentment towards the partner, and it could also be because of lack of emotional intimacy. What often begins as a friendship becomes an emotional affair and then a physical one.

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Money affects a marriage in different ways. Different spending habits, different financial goals, and the woman making more money than the man are all reasons why finances are a major cause for divorce. Financial problems lead to stress and strain in the marriage, ultimately ending in a divorce. Money is a paramount reason why a divorce legal professional is hired by couples.

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Body image

Even though it seems superficial, body image and weight issues are among the leading causes of divorce. Weight gain in one partner causes the other to be less attracted to them, and when this continues for a while, it leads to self esteem issues. This takes a toll on the marriage, when no amount of diets or exercise can fix the problem. In the end, a divorce lawyer is hired to separate the couple.

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Physical, mental, emotional, and financial abuse are often the reason why marriages break up. Although this is sad, abuse in relationships is on the rise these days, and it isn’t always the woman who’s the victim. When abuse continues in a marriage for a long time, the affected spouse is forced to leave home and end the marriage. No matter what the reason for abuse, no one should have to be in an abusive relationship.

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Communication gap

Lack of communication between the two partners is often a cause for divorce. Miscommunication, arguing, quarreling, saying nasty things to each other, failing to see each other’s point of view all indicate a lack of communication. Outstanding communication is the foundation of any relationship. When a couple keeps bickering and misunderstanding each other, the marriage is in trouble.

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Lack of intimacy

Emotional distance between two partners can sour a relationship because it makes couples feel as though they are living with strangers or roommates. Not giving time to your spouse or making any effort to make the relationship special is a major cause of discontent and divorce among couples, leading to divorce.

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A marriage requires a lot of work from both spouses. To make your marriage last forever and prevent the need for a divorce lawyer, you must make it a priority to address issues that pop up in the marriage before it’s too late. And in case you need to hire a divorce lawyer in Toronto, get in touch with legal experts of Matrimonial Home.