Five University Tips for Students Who Want to Stay Organized

Your college years are some of the most challenging years of your life but there are things that you can do to make them a lot easier. One of the smartest things that you can do is learn to be more organized and it’s a lot easier than you think. Even if you were always a train wreck in high school, there are things that you can do to better prepare yourself for college. Whether you’re trying to find the best essay writing service or trying to figure out which classes to take, being organized will help. Below are tips to take when more organization is your goal.

1. Use a Day Planner

Not only should you use a day planner every day of the year but it’s best to use only one day planner. If you try to manage more than one day planner, you’ll only confuse yourself further and you may even start missing appointments and deadlines instead of remembering them better. Use one of those day planners that shows the month and the day because they can show you your daily to-do list and let you look ahead to see what is happening the rest of the month.

2. Colour Code Your Day Planner

Colour coding your day planner is a true miracle worker. If you use one colour for classes, one colour for personal chores, and one colour for reminders and deadlines, they’ll be easier to find on your planner and therefore easier to remember. Colour coding is easier on your eyes as well and it will draw your attention directly to the item you’re looking for, making it much easier for the planner to do what it was meant to do.

3. Keep Every Syllabus You Get

You might as well accept the fact that you’re not going to remember everything that’s written on every syllabus you get. Since you’ll likely have to refer back to them regularly, it’s best to go ahead and keep them. You can make a PDF copy and store them on your computer but you should always keep them somewhere because it is all but guaranteed that you’ll need to revisit at least one of them at some point during the semester.

4. Allow Yourself to Get Help Once in a While

Don’t be ashamed to allow yourself to get a little help when you need it. If you forgot that you had a paper due and you aren’t sure what to do, consider using a professional essay writing service to make sure that it gets completed on time. Make sure that it’s a reputable company so that you get quality work that you can learn from. Always remember that regardless of how well you organize your daily life, sometimes you’ll still need a little help to get something done.

5. Organize Your Classes by Colour

Again, colour coding is a great organizational tool. For your classes, assign each of them a colour and use that colour for notebooks, writing in your day planner, your folders, etc. Once again, colour coding is easy on your eyes and colour coding your classes will help you grab the right folder or notebook each day before you head out to class.