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How to Prepare Your Kids for Their First Overnight Summer camp

If you are like most parents with school-age children, you have been sending your kids to day camps for several summers in a row. These day camps provide your kids with enrichment and socialization throughout the long dog days of summer, and they give parents a much-needed break of several hours or more during the day. You may now be preparing to send your kids to their first overnight summer camp, and you may be wondering how you can prepare them fully for this experience.

Make a Camping List
Whether your child will be camping outdoors in a tent or in a comfortable cabin, you will need to prepare a camping list of everything that he or she will need. The camp counsellor should provide you with a list that you can use as a starting point. However, think about other things, such as a comfort feature your child needs to sleep at night, a flashlight, medication, a cell phone charger and more.

Find a Camping Buddy
Many summer camps have fun adventure sports, summer water sports and other attractions and activities that your child may love. However, nobody wants to be alone at camp. Camping is much more fun when you go with a friend or a group of friends. Consider asking a few of your child’s friends if they are interested in camping on the selected dates. This can dramatically alter and improve your child’s summer camp experience.

Get Your Kids Excited
Some overnight camps may last for a week or longer. If you are nervous about being away from your child for that long, there is a good chance that your child may be just as anxious. Talk about all of the fun adventure sports and activities that your child will get to participate in at camp. When you arrive at camp, give your child ample time to meet the camp counsellor and ensure that he or she is immersed in activities before you leave. Rest assured that experienced counselors know how to keep kids busy and engaged. You may, however, want to give your child a charged cell phone so that he or she can communicate with you through texts and calls as needed.

Sending your kids to overnight camp can be a rite of passage for the kids, and it can give you a wonderful break. During this time, you can take a couple’s vacation or simply enjoy quiet evenings at home without the kids. As soon as you select a camp to send your kids to, you can begin following these steps to prepare your kids for this incredible experience. More valuable information can be found on the Camp White Pine website.