You are not disabled but differently abled: Learn why

You are not disabled but differently abled: Learn why

When someone you love or a family member becomes diagnosed with a certain medical condition, you tend to ask yourself so many questions about how their future will be from that point. You tend to wonder how your life and theirs will change. How do you handle them? If you are the one who has been diagnosed, you also tend to wonder the direction your life will take. If it’s a hearing problem, an audiologist Calgary will be your friend from that day onward. Most people use the term ‘disabled’ to characterize people who have certain physical as well as mental conditions. But are they really disabled? Here is why they are differently abled and not disabled.

1. Unique abilities

Having had the chance to talk to a parent who has a child with autism brought me to the realization that they are abled people, just in a different way. Some of them have got better senses than completely able bodied people. The mother candidly explains how her son has the ability to see things through a different lens. How he can hear things that we often can’t. He definitely uses a different way to process things and this is not a disability.

2. The truth about life

More often than not, we tend to take life for granted. All the abilities that we have are things we never really take time to process or be thankful for. This is a truth I learnt by spending time with kids who I thought were disabled. Over the course of time, they taught me how to be conscious of my surroundings. How to be passionate about everything in life and how to love. If that is not a different ability, I don’t know what is.

3. Success stories

Being in campus or high school, sometimes you lose motivation and direction. It is around such times that the school administration usually presents you with motivational speakers. These are people who were once in your position who have gone to achieve tremendous things in life. Most of these speakers are known to be disabled. But there really is no such thing as a disability in life if they were able to get that far. They still had the ability to achieve their dreams. The just had to do it differently.

4. Perception

If you are living with a disability, the simple truth is that you can be able to engage in most if not all activities that other people do. It’s just about you having to have a different experience because you are differently abled. You can still go to the movies. You can still hang out with your friends at the joints they frequent. You can still go to school and learn. You can be anything that you want to be. You are far much capable than you think.