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5 Easy Ways to Keep Pests Out of Your Home

Pests come inside our homes searching for food, warmth, and shelter. Before long, pests have multiplied, and you have an infestation on your hands. Pest control service prevents infestations of the most common insects and rodents, including cockroaches, ants, earwigs, and bees. Specialty service can also protect against termites, ticks, mosquitoes, and the like. Between services, homeowners can also reduce the risk of pest infestation with help from the following tips.

1. Keep the House Clean

Reduce the risk of pest infestation by cleaning the home regularly. A clean home has fewer odors and germs, so it is safer for the entire household. Plus, pests prefer dirty homes over clean ones. An untidy home provides them easier access to food and shelter, both things that a pest wants and needs. Sweep and vacuum floors daily and mop at least once per week. Declutter each room, wipe down tables, countertops, and ranges, and keep trash where it belongs. These are a few housecleaning ideas that reduce pest infestation risks.

2. Inspect the House

Tiny gaps and cracks in the foundation, flooring, ceiling, or walls provide an entry point for various types of pests. Pests can fit through the tiniest crevices, making matters worse. Caulk is an easy solution to seal these gaps, preventing pest entry. It costs a few dollars at a home improvement store and saves a lot of time and trouble.

3. Inspect Doors and Windows

As you inspect the home for cracks and gaps in foundation and flooring, check out windows and doors for gaps and holes that give pests an easy way inside. Gaps between windows and doors allow air to escape from the home and give pests and extra means of entry into the home. Use weatherstripping to seal the areas or, if it is time, replace these items instead. The experts at Quality Affordable Pest Control may be able to provide you with more information.

4. Trash Duty 101

Tie up garbage bags before placing them in the outside trash can. Place the can as far away from the home as possible. Make sure a tight-fitting lid secures the trash can outside the home. This secures it from pests. If liquids or debris spills out into the can, clean it promptly to dissuade pests.

5. Natural Pest Solutions

Many all-natural pest control solutions prevent cockroaches and other pests from turning your home into their personal sanctuary. Different solutions work better for different pests. For example, mosquitoes hate citronella and mint, while citrus may deter many different types of pests. These examples are among the many home remedies for pest problems.