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The Best Methods of Weed Control for your Garden or Lawn

Weed control methods vary based on the life cycle of the plants in question, the extent of the infestation, environmental factors and objectives of the weed control. It can range from as simple as hand pulling of seasonal weeds such as thistle to the use of bio-control methods in controlling weeds like Dalmatian toadflax. The success of these methods relies on a variety of factors as will be discussed below. Here are some of the reliable weed control services worth considering for your lawn.

Environmentally Friendly Weed Control

Pests come in variant forms such as weeds, molds, insects and fungi among others. One of the most pronounced strategies for controlling such pests is the Integrated Pest Management or IPM. The approach utilizes methods that have the least detriments to the environment. But first, you need to find out your grass variety and the weed control methods associated with each depending on your climate condition. EPA approved herbicides can be used to control the undesired vegetation discriminatively. Before choosing a particular herbicide, it is important to consider whether they are selective or non-selective to avoid ending up with a scorched lawn or garden.

Here are some examples of environmentally friendly weed control techniques:

• Mulching

Application of mulch is helpful to plants as it conserves soil moisture. Other than that, it is a clean method of weed control on farms. Mulch monitors the amount of sunlight reaching the plant under it thus suppressing their growth and development processes. Also, the mulches form a habitat for insects like crickets and carabid beetles that dig up weed seeds to feed on them. Effective mulch should be approximately two inches above the ground to provide enough oxygen supply to the soil while blocking light from reaching the weeds.

• Maintain Narrow Gaps between Plants

Spacing your crops close to each other is useful in chocking the emerging weed by preventing sunlight penetration. However, when spacing, make sure to mind the gap left to give room for the spreading of the leaves upon plant maturity.

Preventive Weed Control Measures

This is an essential lawn care method used to prevent pervasive weeds because when given room, such plants will grow denser hence becoming expensive to control. There is need to find out the sources of weed seeds and the types of weed they will grow into for a more objective approach. Foreign plants from commercial nurseries or landscaping experts may bring in new weed seeds to your garden contributing to their spread.

A thick lawn crowds out the weed leaving you with a green stretch of wanted grass. Weeds are unwanted plants that will take advantage of any open space in your garden or lawn. Therefore, you can use the lawn seeding procedure to fill up any patches in which they may thrive. Today, there are landscape fabrics that can help control weed growth while allowing soil aeration and moisture preservation. You may be able to learn more at the Weed Man USA website.