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Top 7 Futon Covers Ideas


Futon covers are made of different materials and come with all kinds of color and artistic patterns. This caters to diverse needs of customers in the market. The following are some of the ideas that contribute to different futon covers.

1. Organic futon cover

This type of futon is purely made of organic cotton material. Every step in the fabric development is done using green standard; this includes the quality of seed, weed and pests control, whitening of the cotton and the dye used for the colors and artistic patterns. This cotton is naturally breathable allows air circulation and doesn’t irritate the skin. This futon material adds soft and luxurious experience to the couches and bed.

2. Outdoor futon covers

This is made of tough material. They sun proof, water, and stain resistant. It’s made of 100% solution dyed acrylic yarn. This material will make your outdoor or patio space look vibrant. The material also offers other benefits like mildew and stain resistance, fade resistance due to the ultra-high UV resistance properties. It is also machine washable and has a high abrasion resistance. This material also has flame resistance properties which offer all-weather suitability.

SENOIA, GA – JULY 9, 2012 – Sunbrella furniture and awning fabric made by Glen Raven, Inc is used throughout the 2012 Southern Living Idea Home in Senoia GA. Product and lifestyle photography by Steve Exum of exumphoto.com.

3. Microfiber solid futon covers

This material has a soft finish with more closed pores, hence, they are more resistant to dirt and stain hence making your living room stay more protected. This makes the room to exude splash of energy and excitement due to their brilliant and playful color.

4. Solid futon covers

This material is made of 100% polyester. Polyester is mostly used in out where and is one of the most sustainable materials on earth. These materials can be converted to softer and stretchable fabrics which are high performance. Poplin weave gives a clean, durable and wrinkles free fabric, this makes it a better choice when it comes to choosing the material idea for the futon covers. Its surface does not have ribbing to give it a tight look.

5. Patterned futon covers

The sophisticated and stylish pattern of your futon cover can help bring a more personal touch and mood to your room. The patterns can be vintage prints, linear patterns or modern style from which one can choose that can suit the personal needs, whether one is trying to create definition with neutral or finding the right color balance.

6. Textured futon cover

This is made of textured fabrics. This is a very flexible material that stretches and expands with the body making it more comfortable though they may be less durable. They are also stronger and rigid and they can easily hide stains. This makes it suitable for a long-lasting functionality.

7. Chenille futon cover

Chenille fabrics are more durable. They are also more flexible and they can expand and stretch with the body, though this property makes these fabrics less durable. They are more economical and they are abrasion resistant. They also stronger, rigid and they easily hide the stain.

Futon cover ideas can incorporate material, pattern, size or color to bring out a unique feature of the futon cover. This leads to a variety of the covers that a customer can choose from.