Five Care Tips for Your Wooden Watch This Summer

If you are not yet familiar with wooden watches by now then it’s high-time you took some time and did some research on the topic. These watches are easily becoming the new trending fashion pieces in the watch industry. A wooden watch doesn’t really consist of the same materials when it is being made. Wooden watches meant to show scream a fashion statement about the wearer of the watch due to its unique design and properties.

Wooden watches are also known to last a lot longer compared to any of the other types of watches in the industry. But if you are looking to have your wooden watch around for a lot longer, then there are some basic care tips that you will have to start giving to them. So, here are some basic tips that you can use to ensure that you have your wooden watch for a lot longer and in pristine condition.

1. Wear it

Yes, you will actually have to wear your wooden watch if you want it to serve you for a lot longer. This is because a wooden watch relies more on the wearer’s natural body oils for it to stay moisturized and avoid drying up. A dried up wooden watch can end up cracking or ever start to discolor which is not what you will be looking for. So, wear your wooden watch as often as you can if you want it to be around throughout your life.

2. Stay clear of water

The one place where you must never wear your wooden watch is in environments with lots of water. Soaking or submerging the watch will certainly cause permanent damage to the watch. Both the interior and exterior part of the watch will be damaged. The wood used to make the watch will either morph, change its shape, or even shrink. So, no water for your wooden watch.

3. Preserve the shine

In as much as your natural body oils will be lubricating the watch and maintaining its shine, it might not be enough to ensure it’s well-maintained. That is why you may need to purchase a protective oil, which you can use to better lubricate your watch plus also create a more beautiful and varnished shine on your watch.

4. Avoid direct sunlight

Remember the bit about drying up and cracking of your wooden watch? Well, here is another precaution that you can take to prevent that as all wooden things are bound to crack and or discolor when exposed to too much direct sunlight. But this doesn’t mean that you don’t put on your watch, it only means that you should try as much as possible to keep it away from direct sunlight exposure.

5. Enjoy the natural aging process

Another really cool feature about wooden watches is that they start to show some slight changes with age. You will notice some slight changes on the wooden watch like color, cracks or lines, and even the shape of the watch which is all just amazing to realize and study. With proper care and maintenance of the watch, these processes can be slowed significantly, but not completely stopped.